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Girls Rule!

Are you interested in cars, design, and racing? This camp is specifically designed for girls to learn the dynamics of racing, try their hand at race-car simulators, and compete in a variety of engineering challenges to win! You will also hear from local female racers about their lives in racing.

June 25-29; Grades 3-5

Mon 6/25/18 9:00AM Girls Rule! (Grades 3-5)

Experience World of Speed

A sampler of all our summer camps! Discover what it takes to learn the sport of racing, build your own CO2 dragster, and explore tech like 3D printing. You'll also get the chance to compete against other campers in some fun, fast, and friendly racing competitions!

June 25-29; Grades 3-5

Mon 6/25/18 9:00AM Experience WoS (Grade 3-5)

2018 Single-Day Camps

Check out our exciting lineup of single-day camps. Each camp runs 9 a.m. - Noon, is designed with the younger set in mind, and is guaranteed to be a fun interactive adventure!

Mon 7/2/18 9:00AM Bubble-ology (Grades K-2)
Tue 7/3/18 9:00AM What's the "Matter?" (K-2)
Thu 7/5/18 9:00AM Junior Tech Camp (Grades K-2)
Fri 7/6/18 9:00AM Car Engineering (Grades K-2)

Racing 101

Explore the world of motorsports as you discover the history of local, national, and international racing! Hear professional racers speak about their racing experiences and work with them to develop your own skills in our state-of-the-art race-car simulators. You will also get a chance to look at how racing vehicles are designed for form and function by getting up close and personal with different types of vehicles in the World of Speed Museum collection.

July 9-13, Grades 6-8 / 9-12
July 16-20, Grades 6-8 / 9-12

Mon 7/9/18 9:00AM Racing 101 (Grades 6-12)
Mon 7/16/18 9:00AM Racing 101 (Grades 6-12)


Engines: Starting Line

Discover how engines work by observing them in action, exploring motor parts with hands-on activities, and learning the difference between different types of engines.

July 9-13, Grades 3-5

Engines: Full Throttle

Try your hand at working on small engines, and then go under the hood to explore the ins and outs of automobile engines.

July 23-27, Grades 6-8

Mon 7/9/18 9:00AM Engines: Starting Line (3-5)
Mon 7/23/18 9:00AM Engines: Full Throttle (6-8)

Racing 201

After the fun of Racing 101, get a deeper look into the world of motorsports! Put your Racing 101 skills to the test with more in-depth instruction and coaching. Racing 101 is a required prerequisite for students in grades 6-8, but high school students can jump right into the fun!

July 16-20, Grades 6-8*, 9-12
*Prerequisite: Racing 101

July 23-27, Grades 6-8*, 9-12
*Prerequisite: Racing 101

Mon 7/16/18 9:00AM Racing 201 (Grades 6-12)
Mon 7/23/18 9:00AM Racing 201 (Grades 6-12)


Electrical, mechanical, computer, automotive - explore the different branches of engineering with a wide variety of hands-on activities and challenges focused on building, testing, and designing.

July 30 - August 3, Grades 3-5
August 13-17, Grades 3-5

Mon 7/30/18 9:00AM Engineering (Grades 3-5)
Mon 8/13/18 9:00AM Engineering (Grades 3-5)

Tech Camp

Explore the world of robotics, get creative with 3D printing, fly high with drones, and go behind-the-scenes of our state-of-the-art racing simulators in this camp journeying through all things tech!

July 30 - August 3, Grades 6-8
August 6-10, Grades 3-5
August 13-17, Grades 6-8

Mon 7/30/18 9:00AM Tech Camp (Grades 6-8)
Mon 8/6/18 9:00AM Tech Camp (Grades 3-5)
Mon 8/13/18 9:00AM Tech Camp (Grades 6-8)

Automotive Engineering

From state-of the-art race cars to the cars your parents drive, take an in-depth look at automotive engineering. Explore design and technology, and see how they have advanced through the years.

August 6-10, Grades 6-8

Mon 8/6/18 9:00AM Automotive Engineering (6-8)